Canaan Church Online

Springfield, Missouri



2013 Speaker Subject Scripture
Dec 08 Eld Ron Erven Wilt thou be made whole? John 5
Dec 01 Eld Ron Erven
Nov 17 Eld Ron Erven
Nov 03 Eld Ron Erven The Lord is My Shepherd Ps 23
Oct 27 Bro Brian Shive
Oct 20 Eld Ron Erven The Ark of Safety Gen 8
Oct 13 Eld Ron Erven
Oct 06 Eld Paul Cofer The Burdens of a Christian Matt 11
Sep 29 Bro Byron Shive Iron Sharpens Iron Heb 10; Prov 26
Sep 22 Eld Ron Erven
Sep 22 Eld Andrew Peters
Sep 15 Bro  Mark Wheeler At a Cross Roads Is 55; Num 15
Sep 08 Eld Del Compton


2012 Speaker Subject Scripture
Nov 18 Eld Paul Cofer Give Thanks in All Things Heb 5
Nov 11 Eld Ron Erven Not to Serve Like Jonah Jonah Ch 2-4
May 13 Eld Paul Cofer Whatsoever He said unto you, Do It Jn 2:1-5
May 6 Eld Paul Cofer The Power of the Holy Spirit in Our
Ac 1:11
Apr 29 Eld Paul Cofer I am! Jn 8:56-59
Apr 22 Eld Paul Cofer Testimonial Service
Apr 15 Eld Paul Owusu Warning Neglected! Ez 33:5
Mar 25 Eld Paul Cofer Baptism Service
Mar 18 Eld Paul Cofer Testimonial Service Gal 2:20
Mar 11 Bro  Mark Wheeler The Soul/Sole Purpose Heb 9:11-16
Feb 26 Eld Paul Cofer You Are Special 2Tim 2:19-21
Feb 19 Eld Paul Cofer Testimonial Service 1Jn 4:7-21
Feb 12 Eld Paul Cofer Testimonial Service
Feb 5 Eld Paul Cofer How Do I Become a Disciple? Matt 4:18-25
Jan 29 Eld Paul Cofer Giving Unto God Matt 6:19-44
Jan 22 Eld Paul Cofer We have an Advocate with the Father 1Jn 2:1-2
Jan 15 Eld Ron Erven Three Sons Lk 15:11-32
Jan 8 Eld Paul Cofer I Am That I Am Ex 3:6-14
Jan 1 Eld Paul Cofer Behold I Make All Things New Rev 21:1-7