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Springfield, Missouri


Music is so important … for worship and encouragement. Remember some of the special services you’ve been in and what part music played. The music often adds emphasis to the minister’s message. Many times there is such a beautiful, uplifting message in the songs that they strengthen us and provide encouragement.

Most of the music included for you here is from Canaan’s worship services. We are thankful for the talent God has placed in our little church. We also appreciate the other artists we have included here and are sure they would love to share His inspiration with you as well.

Title Artist
He Keeps Me Singing 11-11-2012 Mike Rowan
I’m Goin’ Home Alan Roberts
Oh How I Love Jesus Annie Roberts
Sheltered in the Arms of God - Piano Diana Woods
Sheltered In the Arms of God Mike Rowan
Stand Still and Let God Move Brett and Lisa Jarvis
The King Is Coming Paula Moore